About Colorado SEO

Internet Marketing Background

I’ve been in the ‘biz’ for over a decade now. I’ve experienced the internet revolution, not just read about it in a text book. From the text based usenets and ‘fetch’ program to being one of the first users of Mozilla at the University of Colorado (Wow, windows-based surfing the internet – it was revolutionary!) I have been personally involved in the internet industry.

SEO Philosophy

Oh how I love the internet and especially, marketing on the internet. I love how it’s connected users around the world, empowered individuals to become authors, publishers and entrepreneurs. Ecommerce, online marketing, search engine optimization has leveled the playing field for every individual to publish, sell and network, regardless of age, ability, talent or financial resources. The next frontier of video, podcasting, social networking and consumer generated media has created an internet by the people and for the people.

SEO Experience

Working for DoubleClick, who served up the first banner ad on dilbert.com back in 1996, I experienced the world of online marketing, rode the wave of the e-commerce revolution (a.ka. dotcom boom) as businesses flocked to “retail-ize” the world wide web, took the punches in the shock wave of the McCarthy-istic lawsuits which blamed DoubleClick’s new fangled cookies for invading consumer’s homes and privacy, reached out to consumers with email marketing, poked, prodded, probed using analytics and metrics and taught online retailers how to understand the new creature – the multi-channel consumer.

SEO in Colorado | About Chris Wallace

Because no one wants some kid straight out of college to muck around with their e-commerce business. Trust in a professional with over a decade of internet marketing expertise. Wouldn’t you want that on your team?

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