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Social media optimization or SMO is a vital tool for increasing the awareness of your product or service by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity.

If effect, SMO is an all new way of getting word of mouth advertising, as you can draw the attention of the massive amount of people who regularly visit social networking sites towards your business. Not only that, but it assists your bottom line by maximizing traffic and site rankings for your website, especially when combined with effective SEO optimization.

Although this sounds simple enough, SMO tends to create an enormous amount of data and this is where ColoradoSEO comes in. Having worked with SMO since the very early days, I have extensive experience in analyzing and reading the numbers to generate the maximum benefit from the information for your business as possible.

With the enormous number of social media sites currently out there, I will help you connect unlimited Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Analytics accounts. From there ColoradoSEO will organize them into as many reports as you like from a single account.

By including this type of information into your marketing, ColoradoSEO can create awareness of your product or service by connecting all your social media accounts into a consistent network. I will do the number crunching for you and provide a detailed analysis that targets your potential customers and points them directly to your business.

Part of my service is to help your business achieve specific social media objectives by using social listening, keyword research, trend monitoring and content analysis tools. Through audience targeting and consumer behavior analysis, ColoradoSEO will help you gain insight into the most relevant content that can be used to drive your business forward.